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MH Yacht Preserve is a main dealer for Nanni Marine Engines

Nanni is an international leader on the market of marine diesel engines with a product range between 10 and 2000 hp, and for power generator sets from 6 kW up to 500 kW. Moreover, Nanni is one of the top three brands for marine inboard diesel engines in the world.
With its new complete and exclusive range of marine engines, Nanni is the only company able to supply such varied propulsion solutions thanks to its unique marinization system NANNI COMPACT COOLING®.
Nanni is powered by an avant-garde spirit relying upon a centennial expertise in marine propulsion, power generation and power management.

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Nanni’s commitment for the environment starts with correctly calculating the engine specifications enabling a yacht to reach its specific cruising speed, without overpowering it.
Developed on Kubota bases, Nanni’s technical know-how and expertise have always ensured reliable and high quality products with generous thrust at low rev.
Nanni engines benefit from highly advanced design, making them as ecological as possible without depending on over-sophisticated technology. They are able to run in harsh conditions with minimal maintenance.

  • Generous thrust at low revs
  • Robustness on the long run
  • Reliability in rough seas
  • Ease and comfort at low speed manoeuvring
  • Power

Nanni, the expert in marinisation, has always made a point of proposing alternative marinisation solutions. With the "Energy in Blue" signature, Nanni intends to develop the most advanced energy solutions for marine propulsion and power generation, meeting Customers' expectations, while respecting life.

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